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Arugula - Cultivated Roquette
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Arugula - Cultivated RoquetteType: Baby LeafEurica sativaGenesis Seeds Organic CultivarLeaf:Nutritious, Lobed form, dark green,Tender with rich spicy flavorProduction:Direct seedingGreenhouse, tunnels and open fieldPlant:Annual, fast growingYear round production, Multi cut,21 days baby, 40 days full size
Vegetable seed-Artichoke
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Vegetable seed-Artichoke.Genesis Seeds has a production line of open pollinated, F-1 hybrid and heirloom seed. All the seeds are produced in Israel.This production is carried out in open fields and greenhouses in different micro climates, from the Golan Heights in the north to the Central Arava desert in the south. After harvest the seeds are delivered to Ashalim Logistic Center for cleaning, storage, quality control and order allocation.
Spinach Galilee/Sbanach
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Spinach Galilee/SbanachType: New ZealandTriangular LeafSpinacia oleracea/ ChenopdiaceaeHeirloomOriginates in the Middle eastGenesis Organic BreedingCertified organic productionLeaf description:• Wild Galilee type with triangular leaf on curly stems• Smooth feature, light green foliage & delicate taste• Nutritional with high amounts of the anti oxidant & vitamins• Used fresh at mature size or for micro’s & baby-leaf mix.Plant description:• 40-50 days, early maturing• Very productive, can be re-cut 2-3 times.• Cool weather crop, some degree of heat tolerance • 50-60 seeds/gr. • Direct seeding: 15kg. (33lb.)/Ha
Arugula Rocky Wild
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Arugula Rocky WildType: For green salad mixDiplotaxis tenuifolia(Rucola selvatica)Genesis Seeds Organic CultivarLeaf description:• Green, smooth lobed shaped • 10-15cm (4-6”) long• Special pungent flavorPlant description:• Annual, Fast growing, Hardy• Leafy compact rosette type• 20–25cm (8-10”) radius, 50 days full sizeProduction description:• Transplants or direct seeding,• Multi-Cut for spring, fall and winter• Greenhouse, high tunnels and open field• 4000 Seeds/gr.(1000 Seeds wt./0.25 gr.)• 330,000 Plants/Ha.
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