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1. Frequently Asked Questions

This site hasn't lived enough to generate frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not listed here please contact us.

2. What is made in Israel?

Made in Israel is an online 24/7/365 Exhibition of Products & Services made in Israel.
An Israeli internet catalog that shows Israeli services and products that are made for export.

3. How can Made in Israel help us?

Made in Israel is a B2B portal, a Web platform for global business;

Here buyers & suppliers around the world get opportunities to connect with each other.

It is an extensive way to link with business entities round the globe.

Through Made in Israel, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters can be located and importers, sellers and buyers of any product or service anywhere from the world can fulfill their requirements.

4. What is B2B?

B2B stands for: Business-to-business. The term refers to processes which starts at one business person and ends at another business person; for instance the business between manufacturer and exporter or business between supplier and selling agent. The volume of B2B transaction is higher than the volume of any other business transactions.

Unlike B2C that stands for Business-to-Client.

Made in Israel is a B2B platform.

5. Why should I advertise online?

The use of internet is increasing day by day, today for every small and trivial search we are using the internet.

The estimated figure suggested that ads on internet exceed those on the radio, cinema & outdoor media, individually.

This behavior is raising the popularity of online advertising, through which many business are getting benefits of promoting their products and services worldwide.

When one advertise online, should understand the search path of his potential customer, And make sure that his advertise will be seeing in the right location and time.

6. Why one should advertise with madein-Israel.com?

www.madein-Israel.com is one of the blooming & increasing International Business-to-Business portals. Providing extensive platform for businesses round the globe.


For further details (in Hebrew) visit our page 

7. How will you generate responses?

It is easy to reach to Madein-Israel.com through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other searching tools, because of its higher search results.

Once the buyer comes into this B2B portal he/she reveals more new technologies & solutions that Israel has to offer in its category of interest.


The contact information and/or direct website of every provider\exporter is easy to reach.


So through Madein-Israel.com you can enjoy the direct relationship with your customer with plenty of attraction.

8. How can I add my products and services to Made in Israel?

Adding you products and services as well as your company profile to Made in Israel is fast and easy.
Just complete our 
registration process and one of our team will contact you.

9. How can I log into my account?

After the Registration process is done (and validating your account by the site's team) you will be able to log into your back office area. The back office area can be reached via the link "exporter's login" at the top left corner of the site.
To log in please use your company mail and password (you provided on Registration)

10. I can't find the product I am looking for.

Please contact us with as many details of the product or service as possible.

We will try to support your request.

11. I sent a message,but there is no response?

There are few reasons why you may experience a delay in response from an Israeli company. 
In any case, if you are in a hurry, you can
contact us, we may be able to inquire about the position of your message, or can try to support you in any other way.