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Transformers Mineral oil
Transformers Mineral oil
  Yokneam, Israel

Transformers Mineral oil

Mineral Oil

Ardan is using and has the distribution rights to sell Transformer's Minerl oil manufactured by Calumet. An American leading oil refinery that manufacture and sells transformer mineral oil. Oil is used to cool the transformer, because it also provides part of the electrical insulation between internal live parts, transformer oil must remain stable at high temperatures for an extended period. To improve cooling of transformers, the oil-filled tank have external radiators  or cooling fans through which the oil circulates by natural convection.
Transformers undergo prolonged drying processes, using the application of avacuum, making sure that the transformer is completely free of water vaporbefore the cooling oil is introduced. This helps prevent corona formation and subsequent electrical breakdown under load.
Transformer oils are subject to electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation. In addition there is contamination caused by chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulation, catalyzed by high operating temperature. As a result the original chemical properties of transformer oil changes gradually, rendering it ineffective for its intended purpose after many years. Hence this oil has to be periodically tested to ascertain its basic electrical properties, make sure it is suitable for further use, and ascertain the need for maintenance activities like filtration/regeneration. The oil tests include:

  • Color & Appearance
  • Breakdown Voltage
  • Water Content
  • Acidity (Neutralization Value)
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  • Resistivity
  • Sediments & Sludge
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Flash Point
  • Pour Point
  • Density
  • Kinematic Viscosity

Typical chemical and dielectric data sheet is presented in the following table.

Tests Test Method Typicals
Viscosity, CST @ 0C D445 51.04
Viscosity, CST @ 40C D445 8.24
Viscosity, CST @ 100C D445 2.18
Viscosity, SUS @ 100F D2161 54.87
Gravity, API, 60F D4052 27.7
Density @ 15C, KG/DM3 D4052 0.8883
Flash Point, COC, C D92 147
Flash Point, COC, F D92 296
Pour Point, C D97 -58
Pour Point, F D97 -72
Color, ASTM D1500 L0.5
Aniline Point, C D611 71.4
Aniline Point, F D611 160.5
Neut. No., MG KOH/G D974 0.013
Water Content, ppm D1533 15
Dielectric Breakdown @ 60 HZ    
Disk Electrodes, KV D877 41
KV 1.02 MM Gap D1816 30
KV 2.03 MM Gap D1816 60
Dielec. Brkdwn, Impulse Conds. D3300  
25C, Needle Neg. to Sphere    
Grounded, 25.4 MM Gap, KV   300
Corrosive Sulfur D1275 (Method B) n/corros.
Interfacial Tension, Dynes/CM D971 47.4
Oxidation Stability D2440  
72 hr Sludge, Mass %   0.01
72 hr Acid No., MG KOH/G   0.01
164 hr Sludge, Mass %   0.01
164 hr Acid No., MG KOH/G   0.03
Oxidation Stability, RBOT, MIN D2112 247
Oxid.Inhib. Content, Mass% D2668 0.28
Gassing Tendency D2300  
Micro L/MIN (Procedure B)   -9
Power Factor, 25C, % D924 0.007
Power Factor, 100C, % D924 0.08
Visual Examination D1524 B & C
PCB Content, PPM D4059 <1
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Transformers Mineral oil
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