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Materna Industries is a partnership between Maabarot Products and Osem-Nestle. Since Nestle is the world's No. 1 company for the production infant nutrition, the new partnership will benefit from the knowledge accumulated worldwide by Nestle as it is applied to the Israeli market. Meanwhile, Osem is the leading food company in the Israeli market and the new partnership will also benefit from its broad array of resources. Materna Industries is the leading infant nutrition company in Israel. The three companies combined, by leveraging their vast knowledge and experience, will ensure that Materna Industries leads the category of infant nutrition in Israel.HistoryMaterna Laboratories was established in 1981 as a Maabarot Products subsidiary. Since its establishment  Materna Laboratorieshas led the Israeli infant food market and exports its products to many countries, including the US, Canada, France, England and Belgium.The company has some 120 employees, including development, production and packaging, marketing, medical information and customer service people.Quality and controlMaterna Laboratories is the only company to manufacture its products in Israel under constant and direct supervision throughout the length of the production process: from raw materials through production processes to the finished products.Materna Laboratories complies with regular audits conducted by five external laboratories and operates in accordance with the world's most rigorous standards for quality systems (HAACP, GMP). Each of its formulas is in compliance with international standards (EEC, CODEX).DevelopmentMaterna operates in sophisticated technological laboratories and employs a skilled team of scientists, food engineers, chemists, biologists and dieticians who work in collaboration with other development centers in Israel and abroad, with the goal of continuously providing the consumer with the most advanced and innovative products in the infant nutrition category.Production and packagingThe production and packaging operation has accumulated a great deal of know-how based on over twenty-five years' experience. Professionals who supervise all production processes and strict quality control by a professional laboratory assure excellent product quality.The plant is in compliance with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard.Medical informationAs the leading company in its field in Israel, Materna has acquired expertise in infant nutrition through years of research and experience in feeding over two million infants in this country.Materna's team of medical representatives is in constant touch with pediatricians and infant clinics throughout Israel. Materna provides information to medical professionals on various subjects related to infant nutrition, presents local and international medical research and updates it products, while emphasizing the advantages of breastfeeding as the optimum nutrition for the infant. Customer advice and service centerMaterna is committed to serving its customers not only through its advanced products but also by providing professional advice and personal support. Materna's call center is staffed by nurses or dieticians with information on many diverse spheres. The center's consultants provide answers to callers with questions on child nutrition and development and also give advice on breastfeeding.ExportMaterna exports a variety of substitutes and porridges with a high kashrut standard to many countries including the US, Canada, France, England and Belgium.Materna's website for surfers and mothers: www.materna.co.ilMaterna's export site: http://materna.maabarot-export.co.il/
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