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Enabling See-through, Wearable Displays
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Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Enabling See-through, Wearable Displays - Consumer ProductsSeeing through. Seeing beyond. Offering a new way of living, working, communicating and viewing content (including Internet, email, video and video games) anywhere and anytime, Lumus-enabled displays take vision to the ultimate level by redefining what you see on the go: Super large high resolution screen anywhere you look, anywhere you are Video content and information in the blink of an eyeSimultaneous connectivity to what you want to see & what you need to seeOpening your eyes to whole new world of Augmented RealityEnabling natural-looking, discreet, lightweight, and portable eyewear Lumus products for the consumer market consist of:Wearable Display Development KitOptical Engine module (for OEM)Wearable Display Development Kit To facilitate and expedite the design and experience-building process for OEM customers manufacturing Lumus-enabled products, Lumus offers a development kit. In addition, Lumus offers its reference design material which includes industrial, mechanical and electrical designs. These elements aid in stimulating design ideas and enable OEM customers to benefit from Lumus' experience in solving critical challenges and reducing time-to-market. DK-40Lumus has developed a fully comprehensive wireless, stand alone dev kit: the DK-40. The monocular system consists of a small form-factor VGA resolution optical engine providing a 25° FoV, onboard OMAP processor running Android, embedded 9DoF motion sensor, 5MP camera. Enabling direct image overlay over the wearer's main line-of-sigh, coupled with the motion sensors and camera, the DK-40 enables True Augmented Reality capability. Additionally, the unit comes with an SDK to program the onboard AP and a client program that enables an Android phone to serve as a wireless remote control and mobile network back channel.   With a socially aesthetic look, light weight and ergonomic comfort, the DK-40 enables maximum wearability and provides both OEMs and select developers with an ideal platform for Wearable Computing and AR.                           DK-32 Lumus is offers its high resolution development kit the DK-32 to select OEM customers. The kit consists of a binocular set of the OE-32 Optical Engine modules embedded in a prototype frame with electronics, enabling the display of 720p resolution in 3D and receiving HDMI input.    Optical Engine Module (for OEM)Lumus' primary strategy for the consumer market is to provide its Optical Engine module to the world's leading device manufacturers. Currently available as a sub-assembled Lumus Optical Engine module, it enables manufacturers to incorporate their unique branding, industrial design, and electronics to bring to market their own distinctive, Lumus-enabled products. The Optical Engine module is comprised of Lumus’ core optical components:LOEMicro-display Pod    LOE The Lumus Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) is a unique, ultra-thin lens design that embeds miniature, see-through elements in front of the eye. This patented, disruptive technology overcomes the inherent thickness of conventional optics and displays large, high resolution and full color images in front of the eye. Image content from any portable digital device is projected into the side of the LOE. As the image travels to the center of the lens, it is reflected into the eye via embedded see-through elements which create the effect of viewing a large screen, like watching a 87" screen from a distance of 10 ft. Providing a large screen to small portable devices and enabling the overlay of information over one's real world view, the see-through LOE is in a class of its own.  The LOE offers the following benefits: Ultra-thin form factor (1.6 mm), enabling flexibility in aesthetics, weight and designTrue see-through, enabling a natural look and a range of applicationsReflective optics providing a pure, unadulterated imageLarge eye-motion, enabling wearer to see image even as eyes moveExpandable Field-of-View (FOV) without increasing the thickness of the LOEThe LOE technology at a glance  Micro-Display Pod The Lumus Micro-Display Pod is a mini projector embedded in the temple of the eyeglasses that receives the image content from a video source and projects it into the LOE. Each Pod includes an LCD and light source subassembly which receives image content and power typically from a mobile device. The Pod offers the following benefits:  Small form factor, enabling discreet positioning of Pods in the temples of the frame and the design of natural looking and stylish eyewearOptimal weight distribution achieved through positioning of the Pods on the sides, thereby eliminating the awkward, uncomfortable and unhealthy front-heaviness typical of conventional personal displays where the weight is centered in front of the eyes, creating nose and neck strainStereoscopic imaging using a dual-display configuration, allowing Lumus-enabled products to offer a 3D viewing experienceViewing comfort possible through the dual-display configuration which enables full control over the angle of convergence – the angle at which the images viewed from each eye converge into one, thus enabling the mind to perceive one coherent image appearing at a distance. With this angle optimized, wearers can comfortably view content for hours without any fatigue or dizziness.Optical Engine Modules: OE-32 Specifications Display format 720p 1280 x 720 pixels Field of View40°Virtual screen sizeEquivalent of 87" screen at 10 ft away; 870" at 100 ft awayEye motion box10 x 8 mmDisplay colorFull color Transparency >78%Brightness >1,000 FtLContrast ratio>250:1Eye relief 22 mmWeight26gLOE thickness1.6 mm     Seeing through – seeing beyondLumus’ unique see-through display engines enable the optimal solution for situational awareness when viewing content. While they display a huge screen which appears even larger over distance, the see through capabilities still offer the transparency necessary to know what is going on around you, eliminating the effects of fatigue or dizziness. Similarly, the translucent screen enables you to perform other tasks while maintaining constant hands-free connectivity to critical information.Unmatched benefits for mobile display viewersLumus’ breakthrough LOE technology offers a range of unmatched benefits in the world of mobile displays:Unobtrusive, natural look and feel of regular eyeglasses, which can be worn all day, even when screen is offHuge expandable screen with image appearing even larger over distanceSituational awareness enabling watching on the go while seeing what's going on around youHands-free flow of critical data keeping you constantly connected no matter what you are doing Personal and private screen allowing discreet viewing of video and data anywhereAugmented reality content overlaid on what you see enabling revolutionary applicationsTypical applications Enjoy a TV show or video alone, at home or on the goCatch the news while on a breakNever miss a broadcast of your favorite sportsView critical content (emails, text messages, attachments or Internet) inconspicuously during meetingsWork from anywhere without taking out your laptopGive a speech without looking down at notesWatch stock tickers throughout the dayPlay a video game anywhere in 3D combined with Augmented Reality 
Professional See-through, Wearable Display Products
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Professional ProductsProfessional series of personal displays (PD-18) Lumus products for the professional market offer full see-through, full color, high-brightness and SVGA resolution. Their frameless, monocular top-down design enables unobstructed peripheral vision and is particularly suitable for mounting on professional head-gear, while their superior performance makes them the optimal wearable display solution for augmented reality applications. Lumus' current model of its professional personal display is known as the PD-18. Unique LOE technology Lumus professional personal displays employ a Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) - a patented, disruptive technology which breaks the tradeoff between the physical size of traditional optical systems and their performance, by offering high image quality with unprecedented compactness. The LOE is an ultra-thin, transparent element that collects image components from a micro display and projects them into a large, high-quality virtual image. Highly compact but still enabling a large Field-of-View, the LOE is in a class of its own. Unmatched benefits for mobile display viewers Lumus professional personal displays offer a range of advantages, including:Frameless design, ensuring unobstructed peripheral vision for improved ambient perception and environmental operation safetySee-through optical element offering full see-through viewingFull color and high quality SVGA resolutionHigh brightness enabling use outdoorsSuper compact and lightweightEnhanced eye motion box enabling easy operation with no eye-strain, and sustained image visibility even when vibrating in airborne or other unstable environmentsEye safe LED illuminationConvenient to use - the combination of the frameless design, large Field-of-View, distant focal plane, full peripheral vision and large eye-motion-box ensure no eye fatigue, even with prolonged useTypical applicationsComputer-aided maintenance and service: provision of hands-free operation for service and maintenance personnel, together with direct visual access to data and instructions which can be optionally overlaid on the components being servicedGeneral aviation: combination with an angular positioning sensor enables use as a pilot navigation aid and to provide flight informationEmergency services: provides security and emergency service personnel with hands-free, visual information such as maps, suspect photographs and navigation data, while on the moveMedical: permits the display of critical information or images while maintaining eye-contact with the patient/area being treatedMilitary applications: personal displays for combat soldiers, where the difference between keeping their head up and looking down at a PDA or map can mean the difference between life and death; similarly, personal displays offer augmented reality capabilities which can significantly improve effectivenessInteractive information delivery: professionals and organizations seeking enhanced interactive information delivery, such as museums, tourist organizations and educational associationsSpecificationsDisplay format SVGA 800 x 600 pixels Field of View32°Eye motion box10 x 10 mmDisplay colorFull color Transparency in active area>70%Transparency outside active area >92% Eye relief Up to 23 mmInput Connector Standard VGA, HD 15 plugInput signal VGA, SVGA at 60, 72 or 75 HzWeight (display module)<70gLOE thickness2.3 mmUser interfaceOn screen displayBrightness>1200 FL 
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