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Membrane FiltrationReverse OsmosisSA-500B Semi - automatic brushes filtersSA-500C Compact Semi-automatic suction filtersSA-500S Semi-automatic suction filters
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For the past 25 years, YAMIT has been a leading source for providing purer, cleaner water to everything from drinking water and wastewater treatment, to agriculture and industrial markets. Since the very beginning we have strived to always overflow with creative and innovative products and technologies that would provide the most cost effective and environmentatally friendly solutions to our customers around the world, to the very last drop.

From providing pure clean water to local communities and cities, to constructing and running complete purification plants for industries, the YAMIT Group of Companies is a recognized global leader in providing comprehensive water treatment solutions.

The A to Z of H2O solutions

Our expertise goes beyond finding the ideal fit. Our vast knowledge, resources and capabilities enable us to create and implement entire water facilities of any scale, from A to Z. This includes the research and development, design, manufacturing and customer support as well as project management, training and knowledge transfer.

We believe high quality water can reach anywhere

For the past 25 years, YAMIT have been providing solutions for water and wastewater applications in countless locations around the world.
Our systems and services cater to the needs of all three markets segments:
Municipal Solutions - Offering technologies for drinking water treatment and purifications along with wastewater treatment plants.
Industrial Solutions - Servicing the industrial water and wastewater treatment needs: from power plants, oil, gas and steel, to textile, food & beverage and pharma.
Irrigation Solutions - Creating complete filtering stations and stand-alone products for agriculture and turf irrigation.

Purely Committed
Recognizing the needs of our customers and using the most advanced technologies to fully accommodate them, is our highest priority. We pride ourselves in using products and systems that are not only reliable and effective, but also environmentally friendly - designed to utilize minimum space and consume the least amount of energy.
In order to service our customers better, YAMIT also has multiple subsidiaries and representatives around the world including the Netherlands, China, the Philippines, South Africa and Colombia, enabling us to respond to our customers' needs quickly and efficiently.

YAMIT is a leading international provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions with customers across the world.
Our customers are first and foremost people, people who need solutions for various applications in the Industry, Municipal and Irrigation sectors.

Some of the application YAMIT covers:

Ultra Pure Water [UPW]
Drinking water
Iron and/or Manganese Removal
Emergency Mobile Systems
Tertiary Waste Water Treatment

YAMIT provides its customers with solutions that combine the latest technology with full compliance to the local and international regulations and with special care to the environment.
YAMIT offers complete solutions which include design, fabrication, supply, installation, supervision and commissioning of the treatment plant. The engineering design that we offer will meet the customer’s treatment goals for quantity, quality, simple maintenance and reasonable costs.

The main technologies and solutions that YAMIT offers are:

Membrane Filtration
Reverse Osmosis [RO]
Electro De-Ionization [EDI]
Ion Exchange Vessels [IX]
Oxidation Process
Deep Media Filtration
Screen Filtration

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Membrane Filtration
Membrane Filtration
Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis
Water Technologies
SA-500B Semi - automatic brushes filters
SA-500B Semi - automatic brushes filters
Water Filters
SA-500C Compact Semi-automatic suction filters
SA-500C Compact Semi-automatic suction filters
Water Filters
SA-500S Semi-automatic suction filters
SA-500S Semi-automatic suction filters
Water Filters

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