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We produce beer “by hand”, in small batches with the traditional techniques used by European brewers for centuries. We do this using modern equipment that ensures the utmost accuracy and quality. At Alexander, we brew ale-type beer, beer characterized by a large variety with rich and sophisticated tastes and smells.

The Brewery

About Alexander brewery

We founded Alexander Brewery on August 20, 2008 in Emek Hefer, near Alexander stream.

The brewery

The brewery uses equipment built and adapted for brewing beer that doesn’t compromise on freshness, quality, and taste. This equipment is based on the most advanced know how and technology that exist today worldwide. The equipments heart – the brew house – was imported from Germany from Braukon. The fermentation tanks were produced in Israel by M.G.T., according to our specifications. The bottling machine was imported from the US from Meheen. The bottle-labeling machine was built in Israel by Tadbik.
At the Alexander brewery, we primarily stress the beer’s quality and freshness. We’re also particular about producing “green” wherever possible, with minimal damage to the environment.

The Beer

Our goal is to produce excellent Israeli beer.
Israeli – produced here in Emek Hefer, the way we like it. We let the Israeli beer lover get it good and fresh, without having to sail far away and suffer hard journeys.
Excellent – Like the best craft breweries in Europe and the US, it’s based on knowledge and tradition of the quality European breweries.
Like with all foods and beverages, the raw materials we use mainly determine the beer’s quality and taste. We only use the highest quality raw materials:

  • European hops, malt, and yeast
  • Israeli water treated by reverse osmosis treatment to be totally pure


Alexander is a boutique brewery. In our eyes, this means we’re dealing with the beer’s quality, taste, and smell. We always focus our thinking and creativity on producing beer that’s as tasty and enjoyable as possible.

The People

The brewery founder is Ori Sagy, a former Air force pilot. He’s been involved with beer as a hobby for about 25 years. During this time, he visited and learned about beer around the world. In recent years, he began to brew beer at home in small quantities. His great love for beer and long acquaintance with quality beer from around the world came to fruition in the wonderful beer he brewed.
After many years of service with the Air force, Ori decided to turn his hobby into a profession. During 2008, Ori officially learned the Brew Master profession. He took the “Concise Course in Brewing Technology” at the Siebel Institute of Technology and successfully completed studies and accreditation tests. Ori developed and designed our beer. He continues to invest in designing additional styles and tastes that we’ll add in the future.
While turning the idea into a reality, Ori was joined by three dear friends: Aviem Sela and the brothers Yoram and Ari Yarzin.

Aviem Sela is also a veteran Air force pilot, but also a single-malt whisky hobbyist and collector and major expert in this area.
The brothers Yarzin are the leading restaurateurs in Israel whose passion for quality and professionalism leads them in all facets of their activities.
To create excellent beer at the standards we set, and to provide experience and professionalism to the production process, Patrick Van Dam joined us. Patrick, a young Dutchman, is a professional Brew master who was accredited at the Weihenstephan campus. He is responsible for the current production process.



19 Tzvi Hanahal St. Emek Hefer , Israel
Alexander Ambrée Beer
Alexander Ambrée Beer
Alexander Black Beer
Alexander Black Beer
Alexander Blonde Beer
Alexander Blonde Beer
Alexander Green Beer
Alexander Green Beer

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