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AKOL gives special attention to developing Agricultural Management Software integration. The great advantage of AKOL lies in the agricultural specialized in deep familiarity with the needs and activities of this sector.

AKOL is a leading entrepreneurial software house that provides the agricultural sector with comprehensive computer-based and communications solutions to meet its needs. AKOL's IT solutions helps farmers across the different sectors manage their resources, providing them with real-time control and the ability to conduct future planning, using off-the-shelf software that AKOL tailors to customers in each specific sector.

AKOL's major advantage lies in its specialization in the agricultural sector and its in-depth acquaintance with the needs and the way things work in this unique sector, experience it has accumulated over two decades, and its ability to utilize advanced technologies, including integration of farm data from numerous sources, to make focused and professional presentations to the decision-makers.

Since its founding in 1978, AKOL (formerly Anat Keshev) has pioneered the integration of IT systems in the agricultural sector and built computer and IT solutions that have won it renown in Israel and around the world.

AKOL provides services in two main areas:

  • "Web-based agri-commerce (using a SAAS - Software as a Service model) to link, stream, and manage information between the different parties in the sector, in real time, using various applications. AKOL systems link packinghouses, dairies, slaughterhouses (abattoirs), regulatory bodies, food centers, laboratories, marketing centers, as well as crop, dairy and poultry farmers.
  • "Off-the-shelf software for managing agricultural sectors, including livestock, field crops, greenhouses, packing houses, wineries, oil presses, etc.

AKOL solutions are adapted to the specific needs of customers in each agricultural sector, and have been incorporated with great success in a wide variety of organizations.

We have accompanied our customers over the years and run a support center that includes software experts well acquainted with the relevant areas of agriculture. Our excellent reputation among our customers and our extensive, longstanding experience means that we are looked up to to set the standards for computerized agricultural systems.

We invest a lot of effort in identifying needs and trends in the agricultural sector, and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our customer base in Israel and worldwide.

AKOL solutions support the protocols of international agricultural standards, including ISO, GlobalGAP, PrimusLabs, etc.

AKBeehive - Beehive Management System
AKBeehive - Beehive Management System
AgroTechnology & Agriculture
AKWinery - Winery Management System
AKWinery - Winery Management System

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