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Leadership core program (LCP)Leadership core program (LCP)Program for Effective Leadership
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The Institute for Quality Leadership is one of the leading organizations for leadership research & development in Israel.Integration of solid academic research, advanced assessment tools, learning and experience and a personally adapted process to each participant, makes our programs extraordinary having q long-lasting impact to its participants and their organizationsing.

The Institute for Quality Leadership

High quality and leading managers are transformational active and effective leaders.

An effective leader knows how to create a strong group of colleagues among those who work with him; to manage a complex and large system; to motivate his workers through inspiration and charisma towards fulfillment of a vision, destiny and well-defined direction; to develop talents, teams, and people.

The transformational leadership model is considered one of the leading models in the world in the field of manager-leader development


The institute’s work relies on cooperation with research institutes, leading researchers, and unique diagnostic tools:

  • Working according to the Full Range  Leadership Model
  • Exclusive franchise to use the MLQ questionnaire from the Center for Leadership Studies at Binghamton University of New York, which measures the full spectrum of transformational leadership.
  • Based on the fruits of many years of research and specialization in leadership development by Professor Micha Popper (head of the Department of Psychology at Haifa University).
  • Based on studies conducted by the Institute for Quality Leadership in cooperation with the U.S. Army research unit, the ARI (Army Research Institute).
  • Based on studies conducted by the Institute of Leadership in cooperation with Mazi, the GOC Army Headquarters.


The institute has over 20 years of experience in developing managers and senior commanders. Its team includes psychologists, organizational psychologists, and group leaders. Practically all of them are experienced in working with senior members of the public sector, the defense sector, and in business organizations. For over 10 years, we have been a leading provider of training for senior Air Force commanders with the rank of Colonel.


The main benefits of developing transformational leadership skills in senior executives:

Many studies have proven that this managerial style significantly benefits the organization and raises its standards of performance and effectiveness. Furthermore, senior managers perceived as transformational leaders have an abundance of: self-confidence, high sense of capability, determination, the need to make an impact, and the desire to contribute and develop their subordinates; all the traits that assist them in motivating the complex system they lead.  These capabilities significantly improve and benefit the work of senior executives with their peers in senior grades, with managers at intermediate levels, and with everyone working for the organization.


The Institute of Leadership has many years of experience in teaching leadership courses to senior ranks and commanders, and has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the managers in the public sector and in business organizations.


Among our customers we count: The IDF School of Staff and Command, the Israel Air Force, Teva farmaciticals, Elbit Systems, the Worldwide Joint-LDC, Israel Police Force, Rafael, , Intel, Telrad, Motorola, Bezeq, Bank of Israel, Hapoalim Bank, Leumi Bank, Beinleumi Bank, , Strauss, Dead Sea Works, HP Israel, Israel Hotel Chain, Municipalities: Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv and others.


menachem begin 55 tel aviv , Israel
Leadership core program (LCP)
Leadership core program (LCP)
Program for Effective Leadership
Program for Effective Leadership

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