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Company Info
Gan Shmuel Group sells its products to beverage producers and packers in over 40 countries.Development of fruit and vegetable processing production methods.Maximizing by-products yield from citrus and other fruits.Development of upgrading processes for concentrates and juices.As well as a highly trained and skilled export team, Gan Shmuel Group has agents and representatives in more than 40 countries. Our staff constantly visits clients in their home countries to keep up to date, understand local specifications and fulfill individualized needs.Thus we are able to modify our products to the consume...

Gan Shmuel Group, an exciting company merging two of Israel's largest citrus and fruit product manufacturers, now offers you numerous tailor-made quality products and effective solutions for your specific business needs.

Our company combines over 65 years of knowledge, experience and technology to help you achieve optimum results. 

  • If you have specific requests, our experienced R&D staff will adapt our wide range of products to your particular needs.
  • If you're a new producer, Gan Shmuel Group offers you extensive technical and technological consulting to help you achieve your goals.

With our agents and representatives all over the globe, we are able to provide direct and immediate solutions for your complex needs.

Our clientele include some of the top food and beverage companies in the world, industrial concerns, juice manufacturers, bottlers, caterers and hotels.

Mission and Values


  • Prioritizes the needs and tastes of its valued clients wherever they may be.
  • Innovates in growing, handling, processing and marketing fresh fruit products.
  • Respects the environment and takes care to ensure responsible use of raw materials.
  • Provides a healthy working environment for its employees.
  • Gives to the community to support the needy.
  • Personifies natural goodness, both in its products and relationships.
  • Guarantees quality, convenience and excellence.
  • Empowers all employees to find the best solutions for clients.
  • Leverages the advantages of traditional values with youthful innovation.

Why choose us?

Because with more than half a century of experience, and a network of connections spanning the globe, Gan Shmuel Group offers you more choice and more support.


  • Close supervision at every stage of the fruit processing process – from growing through to final delivery – means we can adapt production to your specific needs. 
  • A "golden thread" of top international suppliers means you can choose from a wide range of products, raw materials and packaging options.
  • Richly experienced producers working with a young and creative team are dedicated to overcome your challenges and to produce the best solutions for you.
  • You are never alone with Gan Shmuel Group. Our international marketing agents regularly visit clients to listen and to solve your problems in real time on site.

    Gan Shmuel Group is committed to supplying you with excellent products - adapted to your particular tastes and needs – on time and at a competitive price.

    And to provide you with all the service and technical support you need to succeed.


Citrus - Finished Products
Citrus - Finished Products
Orange - Industrial Products
Orange - Industrial Products
Pomegranate - Industrial Products
Pomegranate - Industrial Products
Tomato - Industrial Products
Tomato - Industrial Products

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