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Plastokit is a leading manufacturer of technical and high-quality injection-molded products as well as a leading subcontractor of injection molding.

We excel in using advanced injection technologies, R&D resources and state-of- the-art molds for injection molding products.  Our mission is to provide uncompromising quality, service and value to our customers through the endeavors of dedicated employees and the synergy of customer/supplier partnership – all within the framework of subcontracting strategic agreements.

Since 1978, Plastokit has been delivering complete solutions from concept to reliable supply of plastic components and finished products in the market of injection mold subcontracting; our core business is subcontracting of injection molding. Our team is involved in all steps of a product’s birth up to mass production.

Plastokit Ltd was established in 1977 by Shimon Gal, co-owner of the company.
As of October 2005, Avi Levy, expert in mold making, joined forces with Mr Gal creating not only a partnership, but a synergy of extensive experience that enables Plastokit to provide the highest professional services in the field of plastic injection molds, plastic injection process and mold maintenance.



Plastokit is equipped with 36 injection molding machines, which vary from 25 to 2200 Ton clamp force. We can inject up to 30 kg of plastic in one injection cycle.
Skilled and experienced technical teams as well as most advanced automation equipment ensure high flexibility and product supply in record time.

Raw material
We have extensive experience with injection of engineered raw materials such as A.B.S, Polystyrene, Nylon, Polycarbonates, Peek, Acryl, with or without fiber glass, polyethylene, polyethylene and special requirements.

Clean environment
Plastokit injection machines and assembly room are situated a ‘clean’ environment facility, especially designated for laboratory and medical equipment industries.

ISO 9001.2000 certified. Our QA Department and lab are uncompromising with the in-process quality control. Special measuring tools and equipment enable precise inspection. Our quality policy and methods assure high quality products.

Supplementary Services
Plastokit has the experience and capability of supplying final products to the customer. This includes not only injected plastic parts but also supplementary/secondary actions such as assembly, embedding inserts, connection of electrical circuits, pad printing and more.
Plastokit offers full supplementary services to supply final assembled products, packaged and ready for shipment to your customer, the end-user.
Plastokit has a specially designated clean-environment department used especially this purpose.


Electronics & Telecommunications
Electronics & Telecommunications
EMS-electronic manufacturing services
Food and Water Industry
Food and Water Industry
Water Technologies
Plastic SMT reels
Plastic SMT reels
EMS-electronic manufacturing services

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