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Virtualization Solutions
Technology | From Israel 
Virtualization SolutionsAs a leading virtualization specialists Integrator , we provide virtual infrastructure solutions for all environments. Our deep & varied experience in virtualization Both with VMWare and Citrix XenServer enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for each customer.What is Virtualization?Virtualization is a software technology that allows you to maximise the resources of a physical computer by running applications as virtualized workloads. Numerous applications and operating systems can run on one physical machine, resulting in significant cost savings on hardware, cooling and energy consumption.Penguin IT have key areas of focus for virtualization :Server VirtualizationStorage VirtualizationDesktop VirtualizationKey differentiator at Penguin IT is our expertise in both storage and virtualization, along with our ability to understand and bring these two disciplines together.Brief Benefits of Virtualization :Server consolidation and containment Business continuityFlexible management Recovery speed and less downtime Improved carbon footprint  
Project Server based development and implementation enterprise systems
NeWay deploys and implements enterprise systems based on Project Server that manage projects as well as development and business processes. Thanks to NeWay’s field-proven capabilities in dozens of installations in banks and in the telecom, hi-tech and defense industries, Microsoft appointed NeWay’s Project Server Leader MRD MS Project.
Service | From Israel 
NeWay has been selected by Microsoft to establish and maintain the first support center in Israel certified as Premier Support for Lync Partners (PLSP). The new center will enable global Israeli companies to benefit from continuous support, improving the effectiveness and availability of their Lync solutions while significantly reducing maintenance costs.Whether your organization is global or local, if you maintain communications with several branches around the world or in Israel and you implemented the Microsoft Lync communications solution, you should benefit from 24×7 support in all geographical regions and by the best experts. You can also interface with a single service center that simultaneously supports hardware, software and communication solutions and, in particular, the integration between them.NeWay is the only company in Israel certified and qualified to support the full end-to-end solution. This enables your company to work nonstop, without shutdowns and with your selected communications solution.Who Are We?The only company in Israel with PLSP accreditationCertified by providers of ancillary equipment like AudioCodes and PolycomImplementing a single-point-of-contact methodology that enables our customers to interface with a single Customer Manager for various issuesMicrosoft Gold Certified Partner for communications solutionsOver 10 years of experience in the operation of support centers based on Microsoft technologiesAnd above all – hundreds of global implementations of infrastructure, cloud, Office 365 and unified communications solutions.Why Us?NeWay support is characterized by its professionalism, availability and personal touch. These are at the disposal of our customers all the way, from the first call, through support, service and project implementation, to technical assistance postproject. Each call is routed to a dedicated contact person who provides optimal personal response according to the specific terms of the SLA.Backed by Microsoft’s support engineers, NeWay is the only company in Israel that operates a certified PLSP support center for Lync. NeWay experts are multilingual, provide second level support and, when required, consult directly with the most senior Microsoft Lync engineers.Our ServicesGlobal support in three different tracksHigh availability based on a preset SLARemote Access support for any malfunction at the customer’s site (in Israel, onsite support as well)Gateway monitoring and control for real-time alertsOptional spare parts service for different types of hardwareBackup and recovery supportInstallation of hardware and software componentsAnnual inspection of the site and management of rejects (via Microsoft’s RAP program)Overall responsibility via Microsoft over various types of faults (hardware, software and integrations)Possibility to dispatch an MS field engineer to any site around the world in compliance with predefined SLAsThe Bottom LineThe center operates as a Network Operation Center (NOC) that provides proactive and online support of the highest level to handle problems on time, even before a fault is discovered at the customer’s site.We are committed to offering our customers an automated service center that continually monitors all calls, receives alerts on malfunctions and handles them in compliance with each customer´s SLA. NeWay’s service center supports infrastructure servers and products, including central storage and communication systems, backoffice applications, email servers, database servers, and more.NeWay’s support center communicates with its customers by chat, telephone, email, Lync, etc. Implementing a follow-the-sun approach, our customers the world over obtains local response in their language, 24×7, with immediate availability. 
Shared Internal Storage
Service | From Israel 
Shared Internal StorageShared Internal Storage is a ground breaking concept in the world of shared storage. Traditionally, shared storage – be it NAS or SAN – is made of an external array accessed by a network. NAS and SAN have both their benefits and their drawbacks. Each of them has their preferred use.Seanodes offers a whole new way to share storage: SIS – Shared Internal Storage.Introducing the Shared Internal Storage ConceptShared Internal Storage allows users to share disks and arrays directly attached to, or embedded in servers as if they were part of an external array.You already know and appreciate the benefits of NAS, SAN and DAS. SIS takes the best elements of all three to give ultimate user satisfaction.Shared Internal Storage: The BenefitsUnique on the market, Exanodes converts unused internal disks and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) into a shared storage array – Shared Internal Storage (SIS).This Shared Internal Storage (SIS) is:Efficient due to a high level of parallelism.Reliable owing to the implementation of our unique RAIN feature (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes) which adapts the RAID philosophy to nodes architecture.User Friendly as virtualization features incorporated in Exanodes allow the user to easily and efficiently manage a shared storage area (eg. resize, destruct, migrate a volume, etc.).This SIS is viewed by applications as a traditional external shared array and can be either implemented alone or as a complement to traditional external storage (SAN or NAS) in order to alleviate their restrictions (performance, capacity, network bandwidth).Storage investments can be drastically reduced as Shared Internal Storage allows users to utilize underused disks. This is especially true in cluster and blade server architecture where the unused internal disk capacity can amount to 20-30 TB.Shared Internal Storage: Preferred useShared Internal Storage is perfectly adapted to commoditized architectures such as clusters or blade servers because of their potential internal disk capacity.Considering their extensive use of commoditized servers and their growing need for vast storage capacity SIS is the ideal solution for High Performance Computing applications (HPC) and Hosted Services infrastructures. SIS is also the only solution that can equally satisfy their need for high performance storage (bandwidth and I/O).Shared Internal Storage is equally advantageous in development & test environments where there is a huge need for simple, low level shared storage but where key decision makers are typically reluctant to invest in expensive, traditional, over-featured, shared storage solutions.Exanodes: A first step into the world of Shared Internal StorageExanodes is the first application which allows you to efficiently share commoditized servers’ internal or directly attached storageThe standard dilemma has been where to find more storage capacity. Exanodes reveals that this storage space already exists and makes it easy for the user to access.
Service | From Israel 
NeWay is at the cutting edge of development of software solutions for communications, knowledge management and IT. The company’s R&D Department develops unique solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements and challenges. Our software solutions are based on our years of experience in the implementation of a wide range of projects, in the provision of real-time optimum respond to unique needs, our deep understanding of business needs, and our in‑depth knowledge of market trends and Microsoft technologies. NeWay develops solutions for communications based on Lync and for Information Worker based on SharePoint.
System Center
Technology | From Israel 
NeWay designs, installs, implements and maintains the System Center platform, which enables effective and easier centralized management of IT resources and applications in terms of both servers and end users. With System Centers, organizations can flexibly and economically manage data centers, private and public clouds, computers and end‑user equipment. As opposed to decentralized solutions, System Center is the only unified management solution that manages virtual (VMM) and physical resources and applications from a central location.
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