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Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Controls a wide range of diseases of fruits, nuts, vegetables, field crops, and turf. CHEMICAL NAME: Methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)benzimidazol-2- ylcarbamate (IUPAC).PROPERTIES: White crystalline solid. Type of formulation W.P.
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
For field crops, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and commercial sod farms. Seed treatment for cotton, potatoes, corn, safflower, sorghum, peanuts, tomatoes, flax, and cereal grains. Trimastan* for potato blight and Cercospera diseases of sugar beets and celery. Fore* for flowers, ornamental trees, shrubs, turf sod, and golf courses.
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Thiophanate methyl. Broad spectrum fungicide, diseases control in vegetables, fruit, turf, almonds, celery, peanuts, soybeans. Also for aerial application on banana, rice, sugar beets, wheat
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Sulfur is a non-systemic contact and protectant fungicide with secondary acaricidal activity. It is used for control of brown rot of peaches, powdery mildew of apples, gooseberries, hops, ornamentals, grapes, peaches, strawberries, sugar beets, apple scab, gall mite on blackcurrant, peanut leaf spot, mildew on roses, mites on beans, carrots, lucerne, melons, and tomatoes, it is used also for the control of rust mite oriental mites and rat spider mite in citrus plantations. etc. Sulfur is also used on livestock and in agricultural premises.
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