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Leadership core program (LCP)
Leadership core program (LCP)
Program for Effective Leadership
Managers as Leaders: Program for Effective LeadershipObjective: Development and reinforcement of leadership and influence skills for improvement of the effectiveness of middle managers. The proposed program is built on broad research experience, both theoretical and applied, and is based on an advanced professional model for leadership development that was developed by the Center for Leadership Studies at Binghamton University in New York – the full-range leadership model:MLQ – Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire                                                                                                                                            During the program:Each participant will undergo a personal diagnosis of his leadership style on the basis of the full-range leadership model.During the program, influence skills are acquired and reinforced on the basis of the model and after personal and group diagnoses of the participants.The program combines processes of self-awareness and self-learning with exercises and study of practical skills for effectively influencing people in the organization (subordinates, colleagues, customers).The multifactor leadership model enables the personal diagnosis of each participant’s style of leadership and influence through use of the questionnaire of the full range model. The Method: The learning method focuses on 3 separate yet complimentary circles:Group Applied – The learning method in a “Colleague Community” structure will enable feedback on personal influence style as has already been manifested in the learning process in a workshop (“Here and Now”), and as a parallel process to the routine style of work with colleagues and subordinates during everyday life.Personal – The program includes personal diagnosis and personal consultation and mentoring throughout the entire program.Organizational – Adaptation to the leadership challenges of the various organizations. 
Creating and leading projects and partnerships with the government
A unique tailor made strategic consulting to companies who are interested in the Israeli market or Israeli political and public arena
Travel Planning
Service | From Israel 
Want to know what to do on your next trip / vacation / travel, ask the Voyjer local experts
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