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Maintenance and sale of equipment
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Biological installations for the Agriculture
Arrow Ecology builds and operates installations for the treatment of wastewater and sludge from Agricultural entities like: cowsheds, olive plants etc Agricultural Waste Treatment - System characteristics The main technical components of the treatment system are:Screw press type separators – The screw press is designed specifically for pig waste applications. Each separator unit has a capacity range of 1-2 m3/h and a yield of 30-35% dry material .Anaerobic biological reactor – Computer controlled reactor made with corrosion resistant materials. The reactor is equipped with temperature, pH and level sensors in the basic system and can be upgraded to include other sensors such as on-line gas monitor, sludge height and TSS level sensors. The reactor is of mesothermic type, operated at ~ 40°C. Heating coils based on hot water or steam are installed in the reactor.Clarifier – Conical clarifier equipped with sedimentation enhancing plates. The clarifier is designed to allow a sufficient hydraulic retention time for optimal separation of biological particles.Sludge circulation pumps – Circulation pumps are of positive displacement screw type pumps. These pumps do not require priming and can handle sludge solids without damage to the microscopic structure of the sludge particle.Concrete slabs for compost curingBiogas operated steam and/or electricity generator (Optional) 
Physico-chemical installations
Technology | From Israel 
Arrow Ecology builds and operates installations for industries that produce wastewater and sludge with heavy metals. This includes Hi-tech industries, Metal industries and others. Regional treatment center for industrial waste-water Arrow Ecology is implementing in Israel the principal of treating industrial wastewater close to their origin, as being applied in modern countries. Arrow has erected a regional treatment center for industrial wastewater, which receives water from various plants and treats them according to state and local regulations. Many industrial wastewater generators do not produce sufficient volumes of wastewater to justify the installation and operation of in-house treatment unit. The regional center serves a large number of wastewater generators, a fact which enables the economical and efficient operation of a treatment center. The services provided by the treatment center are based on treated volume and wastewater characteristics. The cost of treatment enables the client to solve its wastewater problems without massive investments or employment of excessive manpower. The treatment center includes physico-chemical treatment units that provide safe and efficient neutralization of acids and bases, cyanides and chromate, sludge treatment and oily wastewater. The toxic fraction of the wastewater, like heavy metals, is greatly reduced and is sent for burial in a special depository. The volume reduction of hazardous waste by the regional treatment center has an added value – the prevention of conveying hazardous and toxic volumes of wastewater to distant treatment centers. 
Remote-Controlled Robots for Hazardous Operations
Remote-controlled Robots: Arrow Ecology developed a unique hydraulic robot, which removes sludge, and sediments from closed, complex industrial structures as cooling towers, holding pools, lagoons, tanks and water bodies.
Maintenance and sale of equipment
Service | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
 Amnir has a technical department offering services to its own clients as well as to external customers. The department utilizes its considerable experience to provide technical solutions for various methods of storage, solutions for the collection and suctioning of paper in difficult conditions, acoustic solutions for collection, suction tools, and more.The department emphasizes tailoring technological solutions to suit the customer's needs. All the storage and collection equipment operated by the Company has been developed based on the accumulated experience, technical know-how and professionalism of the company's work force.The maintenance service department supports the customer from the moment its needs have been characterized, through the planning, set up and assembly of the equipment, as well as training the customer to use the equipment.When designing tools for customers, the department applies the basic values of creating benefit for the customer by cutting collection costs, reducing the volume of material to be removed, cleaning up the area and maximizing the use of the available production floor.In addition, the department provides telephone support to resolve simple malfunction of storage tools as well as repairing the various storage containers on the customer's premises. Compressors, presses, containers, etc.The maintenance service department's activity includes the sale of equipment to a variety of customers for storing and pressing non-paper products. 
Biological installations for Industrial plants
Arrow Ecology builds and operates installations for industries like: Food industries, Petro-chemical industries and others, with unique technologies (anaerobic &aerobic treatment). Biological installations for industrial plantsAnaerobic & aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. Arrow Ecology’s treatment can be used to treat nearly every type of wastewater that contains biodegradable organic matter.  Anaerobic:For highly concentrated organic wastewater. Less accumulation of sludge. Less energy consumption and lower land requirements. Environmental friendly installation and energy production. Aerobic (activated-sludge)Treatment of hard type organic matter and wide range of organic concentrations. Biodegradable COD concentrations ranging from about 50 to 10,000 mg/l. Slow biodegradable, xenobiotic, and inhibitory materials.  
Paper and packaging products
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Amnir's paper and packaging products department was established to salvage (utilize and save) different paper products, and use them to produce finished goods, based on the principle of environmental conservation through paper salvage. The department processes tons of paper each year using cutting, rolling, printing and packaging processes and markets finished products to its customers, from inventories and upon demand. The department supports weaker population segments by employing workers with various disabilities in the product-packaging division.Our customers include :Food and hygiene product wholesalers - Kalir, Guri, Atzmon, Gaash, and more.Packaging and forwarding companies – Ocean, Globus, VRCM, and more.Office equipment companies – Graffiti, Kravitz, Metro, and more.Garages and other companies 
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