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Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
The Thermal-Beacon is an innovative and unique infrared emitter, radiates in the thermal spectrum and does not emit radiation in the visible or the near infrared region. It is used as an identification device in the thermal spectrum region, for use with dismount soldiers,  military vehicles, yachts, pilots, police SWAT teams, SAR, emergency services and mountain rescue teams. The MS (Multi Spectral) version allows the user to control the spectrum of radiation from the following: • Only thermal region (for thermal cameras) • Only near infrared region (for image intensifiers and SLS) • Both thermal and near infrared regions simultaneously.
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Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
At Thermal beacon we are, amongst other things, a manufacturer of unique technologies that are minded to the defense/HLS industry. We manufacture thermal beacons which are beacons that emit in the 3-12 micron spectrum and are visible using thermal cameras through dust, mist, and rain to distances over 10 km.Here is a link to our beacon radiating in 3-5 micron MidIR- product has the added advantage of being seen at 8-12 LongIR range, this is a huge advantage since most small thermal sights are Long IR 
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Thermal Beacon - Mk-V 3-12 μm • Reliable Military Optical IFF • Friend or foe identification • Positive force identification • Fully comply with STANAG 2129 • Signaling in the 3-5 μm and 8-12 μm • Optional signaling in the 0.8 µm • In service 
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