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USB - DiskonKey
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
USB - DiskonKey: USB Memory sticks, USB Flash drives or Disk on Key CDI is offering a large variety of custom designed USB flash drives for all types of storage, promotional and corporate gifts.We supply and brand any type of USB stick according to your specific requirements, the USB can be:One or two partitionRead Only informationCopy protectionCD-ROM emulationInternal unique serial numberNTFS, FAT32
Supply Chain
Service | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Supply Chain: As a Horizontal integration CDI has expanded its logistics services to a full range platform including catalog distribution for a major Israeli label.Vector was recently approved as a global return and distortion center
Vinyl recorders
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
CDI Optical media manufacturing pioneer in Israel is presenting a "new" service Vinyl recordsMusic lovers will find an original analog warm and unique sound.Here is a brief explanation on the record and its features, (for those who know only the CD) :The Vinyl record is played by a thin needle, it is placed on the rotating disk speed of 33 RPM. The needle placed on the outer grove and is led by the music towards the center, this grove contains all the audio information that will transferred to the speakers.The diameter of the LP Vinyl is about 30cm record and has two sides , each side contains about 22 minutes of wonderful sound .There are smaller version of the Vinyl with a diameter 17 cm containing 6 minutes , this version is the original version of the Single CD .When the record is ready, we pack it in a plastic envelope and inserted in a printed cardboard packaging .
Optical Media
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
As a leading global Optical Media manufacturer we offer our customers fast and reliable replication solutions, from the concept stage and through to the product's arrival at its final destination, while maintaining high quality throughout all stages of the production cycle.Glass MasteringCD, DVD5, 9 and 10MinidiscCopy Protection and copyright managementDoor to Door shipmentsGoods storage and fulfillment
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