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Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Vitamin K2 + D400 developed based on new bone health research studies, contains a synergetic combination of active Vitamin D and Vitamin K derivatives (D3 + K2) in a natural lipophilic formulation. ContentsEach capsule of K2 + D400 contains:Natural Vitamin D3400 IUNatural Vitamin K245 mcgIndications and usage:One capsule a day, with meal (if there is no other instruction from the physician)Therapeutic Advantages:» First formula of its kind in Israel that combines Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2» Unique natural Vitamin K2 derivative called MK7 which enables therapeutic effectiveness at a low daily dose. » D3 and K2 Lipophilic formula which facilitates optimal absorption in the digestive system» Small and easy-to-swallow capsules Recommended in Combination with:» Calmadin» Osto-Guard (calcium citrate + D400)» D-400 soft gel/D-400 drops Kosher under the Rabbinical supervision of Badatz Haeda HachareditAvailable in bottles containing 60 soft gel capsules
Vitamin E 400 IU - Soft Gels
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
A powerful antioxidant; neutralizes free radicals. Vitamin E maintains tissue flexibility and protects the heart, blood vessels and brain from oxidative damage.Essential for proper functioning of the reproductive system, and possessing a beneficial effect on both the female and male hormonal systems. Taking vitamin E will endow the skin with flexibility and a young appearance.Directions:1 capsule a day, with the meal.Recommended in Combination with:Magnesium Citrate +Vitamin B6Phyto Female ComplexEster C Complex 1000 mg.Available in packages of 90 soft gel capsules.
Folic Acid 400 mcg
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Folic Acid 400 mcgFolic acid, which is also called Vitamin B9, is essential for the pre-pregnancy/preconception period, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Vitamin E Liquid
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
Vitamin E is one of nature's strongest anti-oxidants that neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin. Superherb liquid Vitamin E comes in its natural form. Indications and usage:Internal consumption:5 drops, 1-2 times a day with meals. External application:5-10 drops a day, apply on clean skin before going to sleep Therapeutic Advantages: Natural Vitamin E oil produced from a vegetable source of wheat germ Constitutes an alternative for those who find it difficult to swallow pillsNatural lemon flavor Recommended in Combination with: Derma Prime Derma 3-6-9 Derma YoungAvailable in 20 ml bottles
Vitamin B-12 1000 / 2000 mcg
Product | From Israel 
Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier
A vitamin from the B vitamin family which is considered to be of major importance for the health of the body and brain. Vitamin B-12 is essential for metabolism, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as for the normal function of the nervous system. Significant deficiency of this vitamin may create various neurological phenomena - confusion, dementia, etc. Vitamin B-12 is an important ingredient necessary for producing red blood cells, the deficiency of which will leadto anemia, fatigue, exhaustion and heaviness. Vitamin B-12 is found mainly in foods that come from animals. Absorption from food is poor because it is enzyme bound, which is not always present in the stomach at sufficient levels. Vegetarianism and naturalism are also reasons for B-12 deficiency, but there may be other reasons as well, such asdiseases of the digestive tract, over acidity, absorption diseases, and more. Supherb's B-12 product line offers several dosages and intake forms:B-12 1,000 mcg LozengesDirections:One lozenge daily, sublingual.B-12 2,000 mcg LozengesDirections:One lozenge daily, sublingual.B-12 2,000 mcg dropsDirections:1 ml daily, sublingualAvailable in packages of 60/120 lozengesAvailable in 50 ml bottles
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